About us

Hello, beautiful people to our corner of the internet.

It is very nice to have you on board. Welcome to this beautiful space which allows only positivity, friendship, and togetherness and nothing negative. 

I am Lasya Tata, the founder of this space and another beautiful soul like you all reading this today. I am a Fashion Designer. I moved from India to France to study in 2020. I have had a lot of beautiful experiences and lessons in this journey. But there was always a part of me that missed my friends from back home. 

We all have one or two best friends who know us in and out. They have grown up with us and the comfort and bond is something we don't often find as adults. I have always tried to find ways to keep us connected across long distances. One of the things I discovered that strengthened our bond is small and surprising displays of love and friendship. 

I would try to send over a gift to their house to surprise them, something they could use and get value for. That eventually became my love language and I found so much power in this act.

One of the challenges to this was I could not find many options for gifts in one place. I felt like it would be amazing to have a place where there are useful and practical gifts bought together at affordable prices so I could make an easier and quicker choice and purchase.

And one day I thought why wait for someone else to do it? I can make one myself and help many others like me and my friends find beautiful gifts in one place. I thought I would be your best friend by helping you be a best friend to your best friend.

Sounds fun right? haha. And came along with this idea of a lovely and supporting community where we share stories of friendship and challenges we all face growing up. 

I hope everyone gets to share their stories here to support and inspire each other. I hope everyone finds their little space filled with positivity, love, and friendship. 

Thank you and I can't wait to hear from you.