Busy Life vs Good Friendship

Hello beautiful readers.

As we march our way into adulthood, things start to become more and more hectic.


Oh yeah. and if you are saying no, know that your time is coming haha.

Our 20s are all about goals. While we may be having fun too, for the most part, we are focused on building a career and accomplishing other goals like money and travel, etc. But often when it comes to goal setting, we do not set specific goals for our friendships.

While we know that good friendships improve our mental health and overall life, as we move into our late 20s and early 30s, meeting and prioritizing friends becomes more and more difficult.

We may be at work all day and too tired to do anything after. Or we may be hustling between a job, hobbies, our partner and kids, etc. 

Whatever it is, if you feel you had a way to accommodate more friend dates into the equation, I know you would.

And there are a few ways to set aside some meaningful time for your friends in your most busy schedule. Well, you should.

So here are some ways me and my friends schedule quality time in our busy lives:

Schedule meetings in advance: I would recommend every friend group do this. Scheduling a meeting in advance has so many advantages. First, you can organize your work, meetings, and other commitments to make space for this day. Second, you have something to look forward to. Third, there is a high possibility of all your friends making it as it was already planned. 

What I like to do is keep one Sunday a month to meet up with my friends and spend half a day or more with them. And because we know it's happening, subconsciously we end up saving a good amount of energy for this day and finishing up all our work, etc.

This literally refreshes me and keeps me in good spirits for the rest of the month. I also take great comfort in knowing that my friends also place a great deal of importance on this Sunday day out and make sure they can make it. 

Short meetings after work: If you and your friends work nearby and finish around the same time which is quite common in Europe, you could just meet for an hour or two after work for a sport or another hobby or even to just get dinner together and have a good conversation. 

This enhances our lives in ways we cannot imagine. It helps reduce stress and decompress after work. It helps us feel supported. And any day a good conversation makes us feel fulfilled and content. Whether this is once a week or once a month, it works wonders on subtle layers of our being.

Making an effort and prioritizing: In general for friendships to work and maintain, making a conscious effort and prioritizing is necessary. Any of the steps mentioned above cannot be achieved if all the members of the group do not make an effort. That is a sad reality of adult friendships.

Meetings and greetings don't happen as naturally as they do in our teens. Adulthood demands being intentional in making and maintaining friendships.

You cannot expect to have good friendships in your life while sitting back and doing nothing to make things happen. And most of us feel like it is not something to prioritize and that things will happen naturally. 

While it is a possibility, it doesn't always just work naturally. It happens sometimes with some people we may see often at work or in our neighborhood. But for the majority of our adulthood, being deliberate with our approach pays off more.

Surprise gifting: If your best friends are away from you in another city or country, sending over a surprise gift to their apartment can put a bright smile on their faces. In this digital age, texting, and video calls may be keeping us connected, but it is always a nice thing to show them you care and know them beyond just talking on the phone. 

On one call, my friend had just given me the news that she had landed an amazing job and was starting in a week. While I was super happy for her and congratulated her, I wanted to go a step further and add value to her new life. So I went ahead and purchased a self-stirring coffee mug for her busy mornings. I sent it to her house directly and till todayshe still uses it. 

It brought us a lot closer and made us appreciate each other and celebrate each other even more.

Doesn't it sound good? Doesn't it make you feel so beautiful even imagining connecting and reconnecting with your friends on different levels as you go forward in life?

If yes, go ahead and apply some of these beautiful tips to your life and see how the quality of your life improves so much.

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Hope everybody stays happy and fulfilled.

Signing off for today.

Yours truly.


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